Finding Answers To Your Canine’s Breed History

dog1Advancement in biotechnology has now allowed pet owners to answer many questions about their dog’s breed that were not possible to determine before. Many pet parents have one common question these days – What breed is my dog. They want to know unique details about their pets such as their ancestry and heritage. Thanks to science, these questions can be answered with much ease nowadays. Although there are many distinguishable factors that are quite apparent physically, pet owners are shocked when their dogs undergo a DNA test and the answers are revealed.

Importance of DNA Testing For Your Dog

DNA tests are a great way to find out facts about your dog’s genealogy that are not apparent based on its physical appearance. DNA tests are a great way to gain accurate insights like genetic diseases that your dog might be prone to and whether your dog belongs to a single breed or if it is a hybrid.

The companies performing the DNA tests use complex procedure by piecing together your dog’s genome one chromosome at a time; revealing your dog’s hereditary secrets that you might have never thought about. The results are astonishing and answer your questions about ‘what breed is my dog’ in much greater detail. These DNA tests can reveal if your dog is prone to any of more than 160 diseases based on your it’s genealogy.

Some Important Steps in DNA Testing

1.     Selecting A DNA Test Provider

adorable sleeping puppyOnce you have made up your mind about performing a DNA test on your dog, you can select one of the many organizations that perform this procedure. Your decision of selecting your DNA test provider may be based on a number of factors including the technology they use, the complexity of the procedure and the size of the database they use to identify your pet’s breed.

2.     Receiving the DNA Kit

After placing your order for a DNA test, you will receive a DNA kit. This kit includes a DNA Swab that you insert in your Dog’s mouth and take a sample from your Dog’s inner cheek. Along with the swab is a packet in which you seal the sample and mail it back to your provider. After that, it is just a matter of time before you receive some astonishing answers.

3.     Getting the Results

puppyMany companies may provide you with a unique code that you can use to check the status of your dog’s DNA result online as well. The answers you receive can include intricate details about your dog such as his great-grandparents, genetic age, genetic predispositions and many other useful insights that will help you in maintaining a healthy lifestyle for your dog.

Benefits Finding Your Dog’s Breed

Many of us love to be a pet parent and what better pet animal to keep at your house than a loyal dog. However, with so much advancement in biotechnology, having information about your dog’s genetics can help you in many ways. Performing a DNA test on your Dog tells you about its actual breed and lineage, the diseases that it is vulnerable to, how intelligent will it be and how it will behave while being a part of your family. Having all these questions answered beforehand prepares you to deal with the new addition to your family in the best way possible.


To answer your question, ‘What Breed is my Dog?’ all you have to do is send a sample to professionals and wait anxiously for the answers. With advancement in technology, a scientist can tell you intricate details about your dog that you would have never known even by spending time with it or getting a detailed physical exam done. Genetic results about your dog’s breed are very helpful in taking good care of your family dog and result in a greater bond between you two.